Teatro en el Aire Permanent Laboratory

Experimental Area:
Sensotheatrical Poetics

The workshop delves into the possibilities of combining theatrical and sensory language, finding an open door to play and experiment, and develop participants' sensory perception.

Taking the poetry of the five senses as a starting point, with a methodology based on play, we shall look into the relationship between plastic arts and theatre, physical work from a very wide perspective which partly seeks to recover the body as a source of pleasure, knowledge and harmony.
We shall encourage the ability to listen, in the dark, to the stories of memory. In this unknown medium, new to a set of eyes accustomed to an all-dominating light, we shall make our hands see, our nose evoke and our ears feel the silence.
We shall delve into our own creative and expressive abilities applied to the evoking experience of the senses. We shall learn to listen to one another.

Directed and led by: Lidia Rodríguez, creator and artistic director of the company Teatro en el Aire, with a track-record in sensotheatrical training, a stage code she herself has developed. Her courses and workshops have been held across Europe and South America.

Workshop Assistance: Laura de Casas.

In addition to the weekend monographic workshops organised by the company, Teatro en el Aire is also invited to carry out this training work by different groups and Universities.

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