The bed is witness to the entire cycle of life. This was the starting point from which this show was constructed, an intimate show, comprising textual and sensory dramaturgy, telling through words, but also through scent, taste, hearing and touch. A true feast for the senses, which only a few more than twenty people can attend each session.
…a company that (…) fuses poetry and theatre, meetings full of joyful pleasure one must attend as a child ready to play, uninhibited and open to new experiences.

27 - November 2006 By A. Vicente

La cama (The Bed), the forth production of one of the least typical and most interesting and surprising companies in the Spanish theatre scene: Teatro en el aire. Since 2001, this company has been inviting the public to live theatre in all its senses...

December 2006. By Álvaro Vicente.

In its latest show, the company Teatro en el Aire recreates another type of space with varying connotations, La Cama (The Bed). Again, the spectator is at the centre of something that is occurring, even before he has a chance to realise. An actor comes out to look for each spectator, (…) breaking physical barriers, smelling and touching the spectator …

Nº 313. February 2006. By Óscar Cornago / CSIC - Madrid

…the company Teatro en el aire, (…) goes even further: it makes the spectator live a first person experience.
(…) An actress makes me lie down. An actor tucks me in. A voice whispers a story. Someone passes by, turning off the lights. What happened then, I remember only in bits; like a dream.

20 - May 2006. By Javier Vallejo

One would want to spend forever talking of this show, even though most of the time words fail you, probably because words are not the most appropriate vehicle to describe what is above all an experience whose aim is to open the doors of memory ….

By M.W.

A play that "calls out" to the spectator to immerse him/herself fully in the stage, interacting with the players, which whom you sleep, you laugh, you are surprised; in a nutshell, you 'Feel'

Puertollano. October 2006


Plagio a mí misma (Self-plagiary), an imaginary journey through the verses of a young Cuban poet (…) Hidden and immerse in the immense heat of the Caribbean, only relieved by fans and ice cubes… like silent voyeurs, we capture moments of intimacy and passion, love and pain, aging and death, weaved with simple and beautiful poems, in a journey through the interior of her body on the eve of her death.

Nº 305. November 2004. By A. Simón

No seats, no stage, no safety distance. The company Teatro en el Aire offers a shared experience …
The ritual takes place in penumbra, in a tropical atmosphere that is at times asphyxiating, to finally emerge in the fresh air and share a mojito …

15 - June 2007. By Javier Vallejo.


Today I am glad to have attended the party that is El Secreto, and I am glad also that the company Teatro en el aire continues to cultivate and recreate this way of experiencing and doing theatre that is so different, (…) the fragility of a unique theatre of encounter.

Nº 1456. November 7 to 13 2003

… El Secreto, turning the stage into a party to which 35 spectators are invited. All of them strangers to one another, they will find a dramaturgy that requires no curtain, prompters or backstage, nothing that separates the actors from their audience. (…) with their different accents, they mix among the spectators/guests, you meet people and, especially, you get to know yourself a little better.

October 24, 2003

Night after night, these four characters, through the veracity of their stories and emotions, the incredible music and a culinary journey, make us reconcile with ourselves: and this is something rarely achieved from a stage.

Periódico de actualidad crítica. 10 to 23, 2006